The Future
of Insight

The future of insight is driven by accelerating changes in the global economy, impacted by unprecedented technological innovation, and the predominance of a project-based economy. Download the report to learn more.


Three trends are shaping the future of the Insight-Driven Economy


From Big Data to Thick Data

A shift from the use and importance of Big Data to Thick Data - a specialised know-how and experience-based knowledge - providing contextualized insights.


Projectized economy

Moving away from hierarchical organization models, towards a projectized economy and contract work model.


Tech shaping Insight, Insight shaping Tech

Digital revolution with technology becoming an indispensible and essential part of the knowledge industry.

Access to insight in the changing global economy

Insight has been crucial in developing economies worldwide. It allows for higher levels of productivity and creates new sources of economic growth. It connects subject matter specialization, contextualizing it and creating expertise.

Trends shaping the insight-driven economy

Organizations worldwide need to familiarize themselves with trends shaping the future of insight and adapt their operations accordingly in order to prosper.

What it means for organizations

Insight-driven economy creates an enormous chance for companies and institutions who are able to adapt their operations. In order to do so they have to address organizational, strategic, technological, security, and structural challenges.

Expert Network 2.0

The challenges and opportunities emerging from changes in the global economy, mean that new methods of finding and engaging with highly specialized expertise are needed.

Expert Network 2.0

Expert Networks 2.0 are innovative insight providers applying four main principles in their operations.

Expert Network 2.0 are establishing relations with local groups of experts and centers of excellence in order to integrate them into globally wide, locally thick networks.
Technology by default
To function best in a rapidly changing environment, they also adapt advanced technological solutions for customers, allowing an easy and fast delivery of expertise by introducing integrated platforms and machine learning mechanisms supported by “smart” expert data bases (rosters).
By adopting a network model run by experts themselves, they create a dynamic living mechanism, with communities of experts, clustered in specializations, constantly updating their profiles and achievements, creating the optimal vetting and matching system.
Tailored insight delivery
Expert Networks 2.0 provide a full spectrum of possible insight delivery from calls, short and medium time placements, to surveys, panels and other ever more innovative forms, tailored specifically for the needs of a particular segment of clients.
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